2016-2018 Supervisors

Left to Right – Dave Schaefer;    Beth James;    Peter Kouracos;  The Honorable Judge Davidson;    Kellee Jo Ferrari;    Katie Tripp


Peter Kouracos – Chairman

Beth James – Vice Chairman

Dave Schaefer – Interim Treasurer

Katie Tripp: Supervisor

Supervisor Katie Tripp holds a Ph.D. in Veterinary Medical Science and a Master’s Certificate in Environmental Policy and Management, both from the University of Florida.  She received her bachelor’s degree with honors from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL, where she majored in Marine Science and received minors in both Chemistry and Environmental Policy.  Her work experience includes over nine years as the Science and Conservation Director for Save the Manatee, an environmental nonprofit organization; two years working as a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Marine Mammal Pathobiology Laboratory; and two years as a consultant for the South Florida Water Management District, working on the Picayune Strand Everglades Restoration Project. She has served on the State’s Boating Advisory Council, following appointment by the Governor; Chaired the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership; and served on the Florida Springs Council Executive Committee, Blue Spring Alliance Steering Committee, and Floridians’ Clean Water Declaration Steering Committee.  She currently serves on the Indian River Lagoon Citizens’ Advisory Committee and on the Steering Committee of Volusia County’s Project H2O. Dr. Tripp lives in Port Orange and is leading ongoing restoration efforts for Rose Bay.  She is an avid organic gardener who is passionate about protecting pollinators and supporting efforts to promote locally sourced, sustainable food crops.

Kellee Jo Ferrari: Supervisor

Associate Supervisors:
Cindy Todd – Administrative Assistant


Derrick Orberg –